Step Into The Deep at Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre is another major tourist attraction in the exciting seaside venue of Blackpool. Located on the promenade opposite Central Pier visitors can see so many different species of sea creature here that to miss visiting the Sea Life Centre when touring Blackpool’s sights would be a real shame. Let’s look at The Sea Life Centre in more detail.

Amazing Sea Creatures

Blackpool Sea Life Centre is a fabulous showcase featuring over two thousand different types of sea dweller. Most of us would never get to see these amazing creatures if we did not visit aquatic centres, while Sea Life in Blackpool is one of the best. Many of the species who live here are endangered with some species bred specifically at the centre so they will not become extinct.  So, what type of sea creature lives here?

The Octopus

Sea Life Centre Blackpool houses a giant Pacific octopus as well as Paula the common octopus. It’s really special being able to see these eight legged sea creatures up close and personal. These fabulous creatures have no bones, the giant Pacific octopus can grow up to the weight of fifty kilogrammes, while the octopus has three hearts, squirts blue ink as its blood is blue and are extremely intelligent too!


Sharks at the Sea Life Centre

No sea life centre would be complete without sharks! They are fascinating creatures that get a really bad press, unnecessarily, if the facts and statistics are correct, while being able to view the sharks as they glide through the water is awesome. Blackpool Sea Life Centre features a fantastic under water tunnel where visitors can walk through while viewing the many sharks that glide past above their heads.

Ray Sharks are magnificent creatures and Blackpool houses two that look like floating guitars as they pass above, this is due to their unusual shape. The Ray Shark, sometimes called the Bow Mouth, features a large tail and dorsal fins, a snout like nose and a very thick broad body, while thorn like protrusions from their heads are used to defend themselves against their enemies.

Visitors will love to watch as different types of sharks are fed! It is a sight not to be missed. Other species of shark living here include the Hump Head Wrasse, Black Tipped Reef Sharks and Guitar Shovel Nose Sharks

Giant Whip Tail Stingray

This sea creature may look beautiful but it is not one to be messed with as it has a giant barb that can cause very serious injury to humans if hit. Christian the Stingray living in Blackpool Sea Life Centre is almost five feet long and is only one of three Whip Tail Stingrays in captivity in Europe.

Christian eats squid, mackerel, whiting and pouting, while visitors can watch him being fed daily at 2pm. Feeling brave? Visitors who are can book a snorkelling with sharks and other sea creatures’ session.

Giant Japanese Spider Crab

Giant Japanese Crab

This Giant Japanese Spider Crab isn’t called Big Daddy for nothing he is in fact the biggest spider crab in the world and you can view him at Blackpool Sea Life Centre! Big Daddy’s claw spans measure a whopping 10.2 feet making him a spectacular arthropod! Big Daddy is an amazing bright orange colour and has white spotted legs. This gentle giant possibly will live to be a hundred years old as is the norm for giant spider crabs, while he lives on a diet that includes shell fish.

Interactive Rock Pool

It’s great when you can actually touch creatures you are looking at isn’t it? Here at Blackpool Sea Life Centre’s Interactive Rock Pool visitors can do just that. Rock Pools are wonderful places where lots of interesting creatures hide out therefore this rock pool will answer all the questions you have asked regarding these mysterious watery places.

Visitors can hold a crab, touch live starfish, look for creatures that live in shells, discover how sea squirt works and find out about limpets plus many more rock pool inhabitants from the people who know the facts.

Conservation at Sea Life

Blackpool Sea Life Centre is enthusiastic about conservation and supports breeding programmes, seal rescues and the re-homing of many types of sea creature. Sea Life supports the Seahorse Trust and Marine Animal rescue projects too along with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Experiences Offered at Sea Life Blackpool

  1. Snorkel with sharks
  2. Shark feeding experience
  3. Shark keeper for a day
  4. Sleeping with the sharks
  5. Meet the CBeebies Octonauts
  6. Meet the Moshi Monsters
  7. Shark Mission

For further details regarding how to book these experiences please visit the website. Up to 20% can be saved when booking online so don’t delay book today!


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